De wildt Cheetah & Wild Dog Project

Their conservation aims are:

To continue to play a role in conservation and the preservation of the Cheetah and Wild Dog.

To support scientific investigations & research into all aspects of these endangered species.

To promote conservation through education and to raise public awareness (particularly amongst the younger generation), of the pressing need for wildlife preservation.

To maintain a genetic pool by means of a scientifically based breeding programme.

To work on the long term survival and solutions for Cheetah and Wild Dog.

To afford visitors to the centre the opportunity to view these endangered species.

Today the centre can be proud of the work being done to ensure the survival of acinonyx jubatus - the Cheetah, successfully breeding these magnificent animals, including the famous King Cheetah in captivity.


  • Animal interaction

  • Guided Tour- Open Landover


Pick up from location in Johannesburg

Transport in air-conditioned vehicle

Registered and professional THETA guide


Entrance fees


Items of a personal nature

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Office: +27 (0) 11 462 2298

Cameron Cell: +27 (0) 84 584 4884